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Breath work is a technic first explored by the known and respected psychologist Friedrich Hayek. By using the breath to enter trance and cathartic states to heal old traumas, bring the subconscious to conscious and explore higher states of awareness.

Later one of the pioneers of transpersonal psychology Stanislav Grof developed a training called transpersonal training and holotropic breath work.

Another very known users of breath to explore altered states of consciousness are Leonard Or and most recently Wim Hof.

Kalyani  experienced breath work for first time at the age of 14, coming from a psychologist father she was exposed to many of those technics and diverse teachers since a very young age.

She is currently on her way to completing her certification with GTT (Grof transpersonal training).

on holotropic breath work & transpersonal psychology.

Her “breathe for trance” workshop last three hours and includes explanation of the technic, human connection, Breath work, integration and music therapy. 

Investment: 35$ per person on a minimum group of 9 people. Or a fix price of 300$ per workshop.

                        private sessions:

                        110$ one person

                        200$ two people 

                        250$ three people

Advisable not to eat heavy foods for two hours previous neither ingest any mind altering substances before the workshop.


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