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Kalyani teaches diverse types of meditation based on her studies since 1998 on Tantra, Yoga, Yoganidra, Vedas, Shamanism amongst other.


Some of these meditations are done standing, seating or lying down using repetitive movements, specific breath work, Shamanic tools, recorded music or playing live instruments like the Harmonium, Crystal Bowls, Didjeridoo, Shakers and others with or without vocal guidance;

These meditations are designed to unblock energetic centers, awaken the serpent power, heal old traumas, change old patterns, leading to deep transformation.


Price Per Session: 

85$ for a 60 minute session





These meditations consist in the use of Shamanic tools and technics as for the use of drums, didjeridoo, shakers, breath work and guided visualization as well as incorporating rituals using the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether) plus the honoring of the 7 directions, the use of sacred geometry, at times invoking the presence of animal spirits and other totems. 

This is a great tool that teaches the practitioner how to create a circle of protection using the technics described above to enter trance and cathartic states, clear old traumas and energetic blockages, improve concentration and connection with subconscious mind. 

110$ one and half hours session

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