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Private Retreat

One On One Customized Retreat












Santa Teresa - Hermosa beach 

Costa Rica 

Our private retreat gives you an opportunity to customise your retreat in accordance to your wishes and needs 

you will be able to choose from a whole variety of accommodations and professional facilitators, as well as how many days you would like your retreat to be. 

we can also arrange the optimal healthy dietary and cleanses.

Who would benefit from this private customised retreat?

* If you need one on one attention 

* You are looking for privacy 

* processing deep inner or outer healing 

* Looking for deep rest, peace and quiet 

* Potential for deep inner journeys exploration and healing 


* Luxury accommodations

* Tours

* Range of therapies as for Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Body Work, Sound Therapy< Ceremonies 

* Transportation to and from local airport 

Our private retreats are customisable for all our clients, please message for prices

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