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Sound Journey


Introducing the captivating Sound Journey or Sound Meditation, a profound experience lasting one and a half hours, filled with relaxation, guided meditation, gentle breathwork, and the soothing smudging with dried cleansing herbs.

Dive into a tranquil state, entrancing your mind with Alpha brain waves while harmonizing your energetic body. Immerse yourself in the realm of spiritual connection, accessing your subconscious with the earth tones of 432H crystal instruments, including crystal bowls, crystal harp, crystal flutes, didgeridoo, shamanic drums, gongs, chimes, and more.

Each session of this transformative Sound Journey is available at an investment of $110

For private session, participation in the group workshop is open to any number of participants, yet the bigger the group, the smaller the price for each participants. For instance for a group of 9 people, the investment would be $35 per person. Alternatively, the workshop can be conducted at a fixed price of $300.

For those seeking private sessions for smaller groups, Cristina offers tailored experiences:

  • One-person session: $110

  • Two-person session: $200

  • Three-person session: $250

Casa Om studio is also open to public for group sound meditations every Tuesday 6:15PM 15$

Should you prefer the comfort of your own space, I can bring the entire ensemble of instruments to you. In this case, the price will be discussed based on travel distance and the required equipment. This personalized experience may take approximately five to six hours, inclusive of packing, sound check, drive, and more.

To heighten the experience, consider adding a pure ceremonial cacao drink to your session.


Alternatively, I offer the intimate practice of one-on-one Sound Healing. This customized session involves placing the instruments over your body in specific patterns to address various conditions. As part of this harmonizing experience, I also incorporate REIKI, AROMATHERAPY, and TUNING FORKS, creating a truly holistic journey of 75 or 90 minutes.

The investment for this individualized Sound Healing session is $110.

Emerge from these transformative experiences feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and aligned as you embrace the power of sound to nurture your body, mind, and soul.

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