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Sound Journey

Sound Journey or Sound Meditation consists of one and half hours relaxation, guided meditation, gentle breath work, smudge with dried cleansing herbs,

Entering Alpha brain waves, balancing your energetic body,  connecting with your guides and accessing your subconscious with the help of the earth tones 432H crystal instruments as for crystal bowls, crystal harp, crystal flutes, didgeridoo, shamanic drums, gongs, chimes amongst many others. 


Investment per session: 110$ 

                                 200$ two people


 35$ per person minimum of 9 participants .

if i come to your place with all the instruments, price need to be discuss depending on how far is the travel and how many equipment its needed at it may take about five to six hours between packing, sound check, drive and etc...


You can also add a pure ceremonial cacao drink to this session. 


I also offer sound healing which is a one on one practice where the instruments are placed over the body in specific fashion for treat different conditions, the use of REIKI, AROMATHERAPY AND TUNING FORKS are also included in this session of  75 or 90m

investment: 110$

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